A wooden summer cottage with a capacity of 18 beds in 6 rooms. Especially for cyclists and guests who do not expect great comfort but functionality, cleanliness, and retro experience. If you want to remember the 70s and 80s, you have a unique chance. We do not have a TV or wifi, but a beautiful view of the surrounding forest. Parking is available in front of the cottage. Operation is seasonal depending on the weather, but usually from about 1.5. to 30.9.

Rent only the whole cottage for 2 or more nights!

Number of night Price Comment
2 nights 7 920,-220,- per 1 person
3 nights 11 340,-210,- per 1 person
4 nights 14 400,-200,- per 1 person
5 nights 16 200,-180,- per 1 person
6 nights 19 440,-180,- per 1 person

For more information and reservations please call +420 776 061 801.

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